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It represents the Roman numeral ten.  X also stands for cross.   In algebra X is a variable; an unknown quantity.   Generation X, my generation, refers to the group of people  largely in their 30s and 40s born from 1961-1981.  They are the algebraic variables in our society.  I believe that now is the time for that X to become a known quantity and this generation to stand up and be counted.  We have to solve for X and put it into the political equation.  

I know we’ve been through a lot.  We’ve watched hardworking parents lose their jobs in the ’80s economy.  We’ve felt the pain of divorced parents like no generation before us.  We are skeptical and don’t necessarily believe we can change the world based on what we’ve seen from Baby Boomers’ “free love” and “if it feels good do it” philosophy.  We are extremely pragmatic, and subject to a bit of melancholy.    But we are not alone.

There was one other born into similar uncertain circumstances.  This person witnessed tyranny and rule of law by whim.  She was an orphan pulled into a political climate that she neither made nor wanted to maintain, but at the urging of her uncle, Mordecai, Esther chose to stand up and be counted.  Her physical beauty and disposition set her apart from others.  She eventually put her faith and life on the line to save her people.  Mordecai urged her that she was created and chosen for “such a time as this.”

Generation X we were created for such a time as this.  It truly is time to solve for the variable.  Will X = conservative? reform? righteous? responsible?  Or will X = progressive?             apathetic? lazy? feckless?

The time is now to define how we will be viewed by future generations.  We are even now being called upon to stand up and be counted and then figuratively (and possibly literally) lay down our lives for the future.  The founding fathers did it for us. I pray we can find that principled commitment to define ourselves and the direction of our beloved nation.

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  1. Yolanda, I am Christian by birth and belief; however, I do not attend church and I am not as schooled on the stories of the Bible as I should be. I am curious about the people you mentioned in this article. Are they Biblical? Also, you said something to JT yesterday that really struck me. You talked about we, as a nation, have abandoned God. I agree with you; it is visible everywhere. I feel that I am not alone in this, but I have to share: I have a terrible feeling that something very sad/bad is going to happen to us. I couldn’t tell you what/when/where/how. It is just a feeling that has been growing and it scares me.

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