Update, Travel, and Prayer Request

Update, Travel, and Prayer Request

It’s been quite a while, so I’ll start with the second opinion update. Stuart and I met with Dr. 2 on Friday on our way out of town. She was amazing.  After talking with her, I felt so comfortable, and confident that we had a great plan to move forward. The visit to her office was 180 degrees off the visit to my first surgeon. The first person I met after being shuttled through check in was my nurse case manager. She was energetic, and quick to give me lots of information AND her phone number. She let me know that I am not alone, that I have a whole host of people to rely on as I go through this process, and that she is a breast cancer expert and my first point of contact if I have any questions. Wow. To be fair, the first surgeon walked me through a difficult diagnosis and all the uncertainty that comes with discovery during that time and I’m thankful for that, but the lack of peace and trust in his staff is what led me to seek another opinion. To all of you who wrote to encourage me in moving forward, thank you.  It really was the right thing to do.

The next person I met was Dr. 2’s resident.  He memorized my case history, made sure I didn’t have any new issues or questions for the doctor, and chatted with us about the process. He was warm, kind, and competent. Plus, he had FABULOUS hair. I asked who cut it, and he does it himself. He gels it in the morning when he gets out of bed and voila! He has this amazing, tall Zac Efron meets Harry Styles look. I’ll ask him for a picture next time. Nothing says competent breast surgeon like great hair! If he can cut his own hair and look that good, I’m sure my breasts will be in good hands when he assists in surgery.

Enter, the main event. After reciting my case history from memory (I think it’s a game she and the resident play), Dr. 2 gave me a copy of the book she has written about a woman’s journey through breast cancer.  It’s an informative, graphic, photographic, surgical journal wherein you see and learn the entire process of the mastectomy and reconstruction. In it, she and the plastic surgeon explain what they are doing step by step along with commentary from the woman who allowed them to tell her story. So very cool! Dr. 2 examined me and talked extensively about the surgical option I do and don’t have, and let me know that she thinks I’m a great candidate for a total skin saving mastectomy. She is fine with reconstruction at the same time, and would even be open to the oophorectomy (ovary removal) at the same time if the conditions are right. She had a plastic surgeon recommendation, and was very clear in the next steps she wanted me to take. Stuart and I walked out of that appointment with complete confidence and peace that we were making the right decision.

From there, we snagged Nina, and went up to Flagstaff to see my freshman in college, Jared, over family weekend at the university. We had a wonderful family weekend just hanging out in the beautiful weather and playing games and getting caught up. College looks good on Jared. We arrived to his dorm room full of kids on the floor with a cello and electric guitar jamming to Hendrix’s version of All Along the Watchtower.

No Joke. It was awesome. Another time I’ll have to tell the story of Jared and the WD-40.  Some of you have heard it already, but it’s classic Jared. Suffice it to say that anointing his dorm room and doorknobs with WD-40 (it was all the oil he could find) did not keep out the classic Jimi Hendrix Experience! I love that kid.



My prayer request is for the weekend. The swim team and chaperones will be going into the mountains this Friday through Sunday for our Do Hard Things retreat. Please pray that I have the energy and stamina to make it through the weekend. But most of all, would you pray for the kids who will be exposed to the message that teen years are actually years to be spent building muscles to serve God? That listening to his voice and doing hard things now during the teen years sets us up to hear when Jesus is calling us into more? There will be 21 amazing young people on that mountain who will hear this message and have intermittent times of silence to journal what God is speaking to them. We will sing, hike, fish, hammock, slack line, spike ball, eat s’mores and have a wonderful time of bonding and fellowship. Please pray that God would speak to each and every one of those kids and the chaperones as well.

Thank you so much for your prayers and support as I head off to yet another journey up into the mountains.


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  1. Oh wow, have a beautiful time this weekend! I’m so happy you found a surgeon who gives you peace. So amazingly important and I speak from experience Love you!

  2. so glad that you have found a doctor that you feel comfortable with and had such a good time with your family. Iwill be praying for your special weekend with the swim team. May you be strong and the kids be receptive to the Lord’s message!!!!

  3. My best friend had reconstruction at the time of the surgery and is really happy with the results! I think the ovary idea is good too. You will be in my prayers for the surgeries and this weekend both!!!

  4. Precious news on the Dr. and the
    confidence she exuberanted for both you and Stuart. Loved the hair story – I’m jealous! Enjoy the weekend and will keep the kids and you in prayer. While writing this note to you, a hymn began to play in my head. “His eye is on the sparrow and I know He watches me.” You are in good hands.

  5. You crack me up, Yo!!! I LOVE the hair analysis! I’m thankful that you found a more peaceful resolve by going to Dr. #2. Sounds like a more concise understanding of the process. I love that you care so deeply for others, especially those swim team kids. What a blessing you are to them to point them towards God in the midst of your own VERY HARD THING! I guess there is no better way to teach “DOING HARD THINGS” than showing them by example. I’m also thankful for the blessing they are to you, as well. I will be praying for your strength through the weekend and that every single swimmer gets what they need during the retreat. What a fabulous idea to do a retreat. You are truly an inspiration to many and the positive energy that you give off is contagious! I, for one, am so very thankful that God brought you into my life and for the friendship He gave us. Love you like crazy!!!!

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