Second Day After

Second Day After

I made it through Tuesday just fine.  Wednesday was even better. Today I was moving a little slower. I finally had that brain MRI I’ve been talking about. Monday the machine was broken, so they still haven’t figured out if there’s anything in my brain.  I say it depends on who you talk to, but apparently this is not a subjective test! All kidding aside, I was dreading the test because of the contrast portion.  Fortunately, it was nothing like the CT scan contrast cocktail they made me drink last week (I christened that room with the contents of my stomach). The thought of contrast made me queasy, but all went well. Hopefully the results will be just like the others: no metastasis or independent sites.  I’ll put in a diagnosis update when I hear results.

All things considered, I’m not super nauseous, but realize that I have to have many smaller meals to keep nausea at bay. Last night I was gifted with a surprise package full of natural anti-nausea remedies.  The sour raspberry candies are wonderful! Who knew? That gift came just in time. What wonderful mercies! Just like last night, 9:30 feels like 11:30 tonight so I’ll turn in, but wanted you to know that I’m doing pretty well. Thanks for all the notes of encouragement!

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  1. Break your time up. Instead of thinking how will I get through this, choose to think something like, I can get through this next hour or half hour, or minutes with the Lord’s strength and help. Remember, His word says, “when my heart is over- whelmed, lead me to the rock that is higher than I”.
    I am praying for you through this journey – just as you prayed for me.

  2. Rest in the goodness of the Lord!!! He is with you as are so many of us as we lift you up in prayer!!! Look for the blessings like the raspberry candies; they are there amidst the trials!!! much love!!

  3. OK then. Thats a good report. Praying along with you and all others, Yolanda! Yay for sweet mercies. God bless you and your family this day!

  4. Yolanda, you are in my prayers and thought all the time. I’m so glad you are not feeling as bad as you anticipated. I will be praying for good results on your MRI. Love and Hugs <3

  5. Hello Yolanda! Good to hear you are staying in positive and optimistic spirits. Please do try and get your rest. We love you and were so happy to hear you last week. You are missed and well thought about. Prayers are still being sent!

  6. Yolanda, just make every day count, as you lean on your Saviour. I am putting you in my Prayer Warrior group with members only. Get your rest and know we are all praying for you girl!

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