About Yolanda

About Yolanda


Yolanda is a Christ follower, wife, former homeschooling mom, small business owner, and conservative thinker, writer and speaker. She has a Master’s degree in Psychology and enjoys reading, writing, traveling, music, and spending time with family.  As a military spouse, she has lived and traveled abroad, and draws from those experiences extensively when discussing multiculturalism.

Yolanda has been a Tea Party speaker and is a frequent guest on the James T. Harris Show,  where she often discusses topics of ethnic diversity within conservatism, education, and Biblical history as it relates to current events.  She passionately desires to see people–especially people of color–shake off party affiliation by birth and the enslavement of low expectation, and believes this will be accomplished through education and respectful discourse.


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  1. Greetings Yolanda,
    I’ve been listening to you since you’ve been on the Circus! I’m sorry to hear about your circumstances and I’m praying for you. The primary reason that I’m trying to contact you is that I’m the Team Leader at the state prison for Making Strides Against Breast Cancer and I’m ordering shirts this evening. The order has to be placed today in order to be received in time for the walk next month. What size shirt do you wear? Contact me at my work email which I am entering below. Thanks,

  2. Yolanda,
    Just the other day I wondered where you were and why I haven’t heard you on the James T. Harris Show…. and then today I was shocked to hear that you’re battling breast cancer. I love listening to you on the show and I so admire you! I will keep you in my prayers. May God bless you through as you go on this journey.

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