Quick Request for Prayers for Strength

Quick Request for Prayers for Strength

I’m so excited to be taking our Pusch Ridge Christian Academy Swim Team to the state championship meet!  These young adults have worked so hard this year.  Fully half our team will be swimming, and I couldn’t be more proud of them and our coaches.  This weekend will be a test of my endurance, however.  I’m feeling tired this morning, but hope to bounce back this afternoon. The neuropathy, which was minor and intermittent, is starting to be distracting so I’ll have to talk with the oncologist about that.  My blood work Tuesday showed that I am a little anemic; that’s where the tired is coming from. I just don’t have all my fire this morning.

My daughter is swimming this weekend as well, and she is seeded pretty high (2nd and 7th) in her events. Please pray that she is able to focus on what she’s there for instead of mom. In fact, all of those swimmers are incredibly kind, caring, and sensitive. They are pretty tuned in to my health issues. I don’t want ANYTHING I’m dealing with to take away from their focus and races, so please pray for God’s sustaining strength and energy for the weekend. I want to be an encouragement and source of strength for them in this incredible time. We swim for him. Go Lions!

Thank you so much.

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