Prayer Works!

Prayer Works!

God is so amazing. I don’t know why I’m so surprised when he comes through for us, and yet, I don’t ever want to lose the wonder of it all. Thank you for your prayers and well wishes. On Friday I asked you all to pray about my second opinion situation and, boy, did you ever storm the gates. On Monday, the answer came in style! Literally while getting into my car as I was leaving the first surgeon’s office, I got a call from Dr. 2’s office. She will see me the first week in October. Her nurse was concerned that it was too long a wait but after explaining that she is my second opinion and that I’m already under care, I jumped on it. I think it’s perfect timing since Dr. 1 said he didn’t need to see me again until the end of October. To his credit, he encouraged me to research and check out other doctors if I wanted. He’s nice; it’s 90% of his office staff that I have issue with; you know, the people you count on to make things happen for you. There were just some hinky things that I didn’t feel peace about. No bridges are burned, though.

The 2nd opinion oncologist still has no availability, so I’m calling that an answer as well. I’m happy with the oncologist I have. What she laid out is the standard of care for triple negative breast cancer, and I appreciated her staff and environment. If she is the one, I think she and I will work well together. That means a lot since we’ll see each other once a week for 12 weeks and then every other week for 8 weeks.

Many people have asked about my heart in all this. My heart is good. I’m not pretending to be superwoman or anything like that. I just choose to trust God. So much of my experience in the coming weeks is unknown right now, but I trust that despite the present circumstances, there is my good, loving, and perfect God walking with me right now and already waiting for me on the other side of this trial. I don’t want to be sick, bald, and weak, but I know that so much better stuff comes out of me when I’m broken and sweetly surrendered than when I’m deceptively strong and capable. Please, somebody remind me of this in a few weeks! Preferably when I’m not near something sharp :-).

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  1. Not to worry my friend, I’ll hide all the scissors and sharp objects where you’ll never find them! Carry on with our wonderful God.

  2. God bless you Yolanda! Our mighty God is already using you to His glory! Know you are surrounded by people who love you and are praying for you.

  3. God does work wonders! I mentioned your road block to my hubby and he offered to intervene if you needed to get in to a specific physician. email me privately if you want to talk to him. Blessings!

  4. I want to first say it was awesome to see you in James T’s Packer vidoe!! You always make me smile!! Myself and family are praying for you through this entire journey!!! Love you so much – as my son says ALL HEARTS!!!

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