Oncology Visit

Oncology Visit

I had my first visit with the oncologist. She was compassionate, knowledgeable, and had an engaging manner.  I felt a lot of peace while visiting with her.  The short of the long is it looks like I’ll be starting a pretty aggressive chemotherapy regiment in a couple of weeks.  I’m still trying to get that second opinion with the surgeon and oncologist that came recommended to me by two different physicians, but am being roadblocked.  I even have the insurance approval and referral for the consults ready to go! Please pray that if I am to see them, the  door would be opened before the 26th, when I am scheduled to start chemo. Or just pray as Jesus leads…

Thank you, thank you, thank you.


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  1. Praying always for you. Keep the Faith and plead the blood of Jesus. I know God can give you the strength you need to go through.

  2. Praise God for each day dear cousin. Praying Psalm 91 and 34 over you. God is the Author and finish of our Faith. Just know that the entire family Love you very much. Praying that God will heal you in Jesus name. Be encouraged and never forget that our God is an awesome God. He is with you every step of the way. This is only a test of Faith.

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