MRI Results, Phase 2 and Week 13

MRI Results, Phase 2 and Week 13

Here’s a quick update, friends. My MRI was almost completely clear. The chemotherapy is working very  well, and my doctor expects a complete pathological response at the end of phase two. This was exactly what we were expecting. Complete pathological response is the perfect state in which to start the surgical portion of the journey.

More details about phase two: The drugs are even more aggressive. Nausea and dehydration will be the top two enemies to defeat. As of today, I’ll go to infusions every other week, and at the end of each one I receive an On Body Injector (OBI). This little pod deploys 27 hours after the infusion is complete to deliver a medicine to stimulate my body to produce badly needed white blood cells. If you see me and I don’t shake your hand, please don’t be offended. Gotta keep that immune system as strong as possible.

One really cool thing happened last week. I found a fantastic locally produced lip balm that keeps my lips from cracking and bleeding during all this toxic soup. This balm is produced by a family of beekeepers who ship their product nationally. I wanted to share this gem with the nurses and women in the chemo room, so I ordered a bunch to share. I’m giving Drewbees a shout out because when I wrote to tell them how wonderful their product is, and why I was ordering so many to be shipped to me, two days later the “queen bee” showed up at my front door with a big hug and double my order. It was so neat to tell the story to all the women of how much someone wholly unconnected to us cares. Way to give hope and comfort, Queen Bee Hillary. And thank you.




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  1. Oh Yolanda, I read all that and first I get tears, because I’m so sad for you – all this nausea and pain. But then in the end I get tears because I’m so happy to read you’ll be through soon – and you found something great, plus give this wonder to all these people that have the same problem with their lips. It made me think of my gradmother, she had the same problem with her lips and I would give so much for having been able to help her in these days 9 years ago. Thank you for sharing this wonder stuff with all the other people, Yolanda. I love you. You’re the best mum, friend, woman I’ve ever met in my life. I miss you so much <3

  2. I praise God for the success of your treatment and the completion of phase one of your healing. Give Queen Bee a hug and thanks for caring enough to include herself in this group of prayer buddies. All of us will be linked together forever through this experience. My mother would come home from church on Sunday and wash her hands with soap several times followed by several alcohol rinses. There were people that she refused to shake hands with because she said they had germs. Keep this in mind when you are in public. Thanks for the love and inspiration. Auntie Ollie

  3. I am absolutely over the moon about your response to treatment. Such good news! Yolanda you are one very special lady to continue thinking of others wellness and happiness. I’m so proud of you and blessed to call you friend. Praying for minimal side effects and a Merry Christmas to you and your family. If I can ever help just call! Also, thanks for the Drewbees recommendation, gonna order some for others I know who will benefit. Love you bunches.

  4. praying for continued successful treatments, protection against any infections, and renewed energy as you go through the next phase. Merry Christmas!!!

  5. You go girl! you know that you have that Manley Sprit in you and everything s going to be alright. God is answer our prayers.
    Love you,
    Uncle Bob

  6. know that we are praying for you Yolanda…your optimistic spirit comes thru loud and clear..I can hear Jesus in your comments..have a blessed Christmas..i love you, Kathy thomas

  7. So happy things are progressing well. Praying for continued good reports. What a great find for your lips. Sometimes it’s the little gems in life that add so much pleasure. Merry Christmas sweet lady.

  8. Yolanda you are such a sweet and wonderfully caring person. Always taking care of others even with everything you are dealing with. God bless you and I’ll keep praying ❤️

  9. I am sooooooo happy for this good news. I am here too if you need me or anything at all Yo. In my mind when I picture you in your fight I see you in a wonder woman costume all bada$$ with your shield! lol . You got this!! Love you!

  10. Yolanda, so sorry for the nausea and dehydration issues…always have your water with you. You are so positive and shining your light through all this! Love you girl. With the cold weather finally hitting, keep that bare head covered so you don’t get a chill. Isn’t it weird sleeping with a bare head?! My pop always wore a woman’s stocking on his head! That and his coveralls are what I remember about him, an old farmer. SMH
    Love to you and Merry Christmas.

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