Love And Encouragement

Love And Encouragement

How can I doubt the Father’s love for me when he shows it through his people?!
I spent most of the day traveling to and from Phoenix to get my cranial prostheses (wigs) sorted out.  My oncologist assured me that I would be quite bald before the end of the chemotherapy process, and the best time to get a wig is when you still have hair. Believe it or not, the only time I could fit this into my busy schedule was today, swim meet day.  Thursday and Friday seem to be my lowest energy days, but I felt like I had to fit it in or else not get it done for the next three weeks. So I’m rushing down the highway feeling guilty because I won’t be able to ride to the pool on the bus with the team. But I HAVE to get this hair thing settled. If I don’t, I might be bald for two days or something. It’s odd the things I obsess over. Anyway, I must have played right into the assistant coach’s hands. I call and ask if they are okay to drive the buses and have me meet them at the pool. No problem. I get a call when I’m about 5 minutes away asking when I’ll be there. I park my car and am escorted into the pool by another of our coaches who was waiting for me in the parking lot. Once in the facility, I can’t find our team anywhere. I kept asking, “Where is our team? They should be in the water warming up! Where is our team?” Then I turn and see a procession of pink swim caps and huge smiles. When it dawned on me that the whole team was pink capped in honor of breast cancer awareness, I lost it. Hugs and tears all around.  This picture was the culmination of a hurried, tired, day. I love those coaches and our swim team so much. That picture of love–not hair–is the real crowning glory. I have been refocused and refined.

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  1. Hallo ich denke sehr oft an dich meine liebe Yolanda … liebe Grüße auch von imi Oma … ich hab dich lieb mein Freund

  2. Oh Yolanda! And it brings me to tears as well! I remember you saying at your team lunch, as you were gazing upon your swimmers, “if only they knew how much I love them”…. I’m pretty sure they know, and the feeling is beautifully mutual. Nice job PRCA SwimTeam! You have stolen my heart❤️

  3. That’s the sweetest thing , your family and friends support you, and show you you are loved. They will keep your head n the tight place sweety. Don’t worry about the small things,for God holds you in his hands,enjoy the love ad support from your friends and family.

  4. This brought tears to my eyes streaming down even as I type! What an expression of love. I’m so thankful that God uses others to help us stand strong in adversity and just so sweetly reminds us of His love. “I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me.” Philippians 4:13 Praying always for your complete healing my heart friend.

  5. They love you so much. You don’t realize the impact you’ve had on their lives. Their faces and actions say it all!

  6. I am sure that you know that I am leaking tears because I feel the love that God has for you through the actions of the team.
    Auntie Ollie

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