Last Chemo Finished/This One’s For the Prayer Warriors

Last Chemo Finished/This One’s For the Prayer Warriors

I’m so thankful to have successfully completed chemotherapy! This post is for the prayer warriors out there. You carried me through, and I have to ask you to carry me a little further…

Apparently that fatigue I was feeling last treatment has a name: anemia. Fortunately, it didn’t keep me from having my treatment, but I do need a blood transfusion. Here’s where the prayer comes in: My insurance requires prior authorization for the transfusion, and we don’t have it. The doc wanted me to get the blood yesterday, but I’m stuck. Stuart spent over 90 minutes on the phone with insurance yesterday to no avail. They “don’t have the fax” that was sent from the doctor’s office, and the very wonderful insurance person from the office had to hang up after waiting 49 minutes to speak with my insurance (Health Net). I can’t believe she hung in there for 49 minutes with all that she has to do.

We are also fighting the insurance tar baby for my mastectomy and reconstruction scheduled for the second week in March. Although my surgery scheduler filed the correct codes for having both breasts done, the insurance didn’t authorize both breasts; they said that their codes that they told the scheduler to use were wrong. How does that happen? The auth for surgery has been refiled (I think), but as of now I have nothing. Pray for that scheduler. I’m sure she wants to pull someone’s hair out.

Please pray that my insurance mess will be worked out quickly in both instances. I’m too tired to fight that battle, and I need Jesus to fix it! Please pray also that my darling husband will keep his temper as he deals with frustrating bureaucracy while he fights for his wife’s healthcare. After two and a half decades of excellent healthcare in the military, we are feeling a little betrayed by the new contractor.

But let me end this post with victory. I am finished with chemotherapy!  That means that the 16 eyelashes that I have left can grow new friends in a few weeks. Soon, I’ll stop having to guess where my eyebrows should be! And if you must know, I am already on the watch for hair. I’m obsessed like the parents of newborns…will it be curly? Straight? Dark? Light? Will it EVER COME IN? I wonder if I’ll have cradle cap from sleeping on my back. My daughter had that for a year. She had this gorgeous head of huge loopy curls and a bald spot in the very back. I did the combover on her like crazy. That’s why you won’t catch me making fun of certain people who still hold on to the combover. I totally get it.

When I’m feeling sassy again, you might see me around town in one of my glorious wigs during the hair watch. I don’t know why, but I didn’t want to wear them while I was going through chemo. I guess I just view them as fun dress up, and I want to feel good when I’m playing with different hair looks. I’ll keep you in the loop and post pictures. Promise. Until then…thank you friends and prayer warriors. The journey continues.

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  1. Big time prayers that you are blessed with someone at the insurance company who has intelligence, logic and most importantly compassion as you and hubby plow through the maze. Love you and so so so proud of you!

  2. it was great celebrating with you on your last day of chemo Thank God its behind you. People inputing wrong info make it so hard to get the right codes and a huge head ache for you Im sure.If you get a consultation with Dr Uzick and discuss recommended blood transfusion he might have a different natural recommendation for you.

  3. Your dilemma is being prayed upon. None of us need this crap when we are filled with concerns of continuing life and moving on.
    One of my Drs. didnt want to schedule me an MRI to diagnose me. Thank the LORD another Dr talked him into it! I would not be here! So great you have a husband advocating for you. God bless you

  4. Celebration! It is a privilege to be a prayer partner with you. Thanks to our Lord for His faithfulness through this valley. Will continue to pray for you and your family – a little extra for your husband. So frustrating dealing with bureaucracies such as insurance companies. By the way I’m not sure about the wigs, though it would be fun to explore different looks. You look stunning now! Love Jennifer.

  5. Dear Lord it’s Laurie. I’m praying for you to help my friend Yolanda. Please make her well. Give her strength through this next phase of her journey. Give the insurance people brains seems they have none. Give her husband patience the insurance people are on his last nerve and he doesn’t desire that especially after all those years of military service that’s the thanks he gets? Good Lord strengthen those people up. And Lord please give Yolanda a luxurious head of hair she’s earned it. And one last request and it’s kind of strange but here it goes, please Lord guide that plastic surgeons hand and make sure she get a great new pair of boobies. Through Jesus name I pray!!
    Yolanda when you ask a woman from the Deep South to pray, this is what you get. Amen and a boomshakalaka!!!

  6. Yolanda, you have been thru so much and I have to tell you I have literally lost my cool with insurance companies..I pray for Yolanda’s total healing and that you will give her new boobies from your hand and open wide the doors of the insurance companies to get everything cleared up…..

  7. I am sending one up for you and your husband. I plea the blood of Jesus over you situation in Jesus’ name and no weapons form against you all shall prosper and the favor of the Lord be over your insurance and all will be done in Jesus name. It will be done. Speak those things as though they already were.

  8. Yolanda, I’m rejoicing and praising God with you for your last Chemo treatment! I will continue to pray that the insurance matters work out for you. May you and Stuart continue trust God is working in each situation you face every day.

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