Double Standard

'Knockout game' attack leads to hate crime charge - US news | NBC News

'Knockout game' attack leads to hate crime charge – US news | NBC News.

Conrad Alvin Barrett, 27, a Houston area man attacked a 79 year old black man in what he calls “the knockout game.” He was arrested the day after Christmas for that horrible crime. This person’s violent actions against a black septuagenarian are despicable. To run up to an unsuspecting elderly person and punch them is the height of cowardliness. To film oneself doing so and then brag about it is sociopathic. What has our society come to? I’m angry and upset over this crime like so many others, but my disgust goes beyond this incident. You see, this is the first widely media publicized hate crime charge for this “knockout” nonsense that I’m aware of, but black youths have been doing this to whites and Jews for years. When did the standard of recognizing hate crimes become only when the crime is against a racial minority? Many conservatives, black and white alike, have been predicting the white on black version of “knockout” becoming national news as soon as it happens. Cynical? Yes. Spot on? Sadly, yes. It took one month for authorities to track down and charge this man based on a cellphone video he took of the attack. The people of African descent from all over who were doing this have been posting video online. For years. Victims have died as a direct result of some of those attacks. How long does it take to track them down?

So many people have been rushing to make excuses for the young blacks who have targeted whites. The defense goes from saying that they are angry because Jewish success is not perceived as their own, to giving the excuse that they have nothing better to do because they have been denied opportunities other races have had.

When will we stop using “white privilege” as an excuse to justify selective racism? Yes! this man should be prosecuted and held accountable for his actions. And so should the other blacks who have targeted whites and Jews. Exercise the “black privilege” we have to speak truth to our own people. Stop being victims and trying to punish a new generation of people for old generational wrongs. There is no advancement in wallowing in the past. Dare I say call a spade a spade and hold offenders accountable for their actions regardless of their poverty or ‘affluenza’? Regardless of what Eric Holder says, affirmative action has no place in our judicial system. Is Lady Justice’s thumb on the scale? It would seem so. ~Yolanda

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  1. A society has freedom when each and every individual can be in charge of their own destiny. This goal requires the uniform and predictable application of law such that each individual can know, and take responsibility for, the consequences of their own actions, by making those decisions based on enlightened decisions regarding predictable consequences.

    When a society has a complex quagmire of laws, and infuses ambiguity, unpredictability and randomness to their application and enforcement, there can be no justice.

    If Law Enforcement may, or may not pursue and apprehend… if the Judicial System may, or may not arraign, may or may not plea bargain, may or may not prosecute… if the Penal System may or may not incarcerate, and, may or may not release early… then there is no consistency or predictability, and therefore, no justice; because people cannot freely choose to govern themselves within the constraints of predictable consequences… there is, therefore, no freedom.

    If one knows where the clearly-defined bounds are, then one can at lest be free within those bounds… else, like a dog on a leash whose limit is unknown, we are jerked to an unexpected halt, and frustrated. – JB

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