Is President Obama Surrendering the Fort Without a Fight?


Unaccompanied minor illegals. The Border Patrol is not allowed to deny them entry into the United States.

The Presidential Prayer Team writing staff  printed the following:

William Hull is the only American general ever sentenced to death. Hull surrendered Fort Detroit during the War of 1812 without a fight and was charged with treason, cowardice, and neglect of duty. One can only imagine General Hull’s reaction as he read the judgment: “The Court, in consequence of their determination respecting the second and third charges, and specification under those charges, exhibited against the said Brig. General Wm. Hull, and after due consideration, do sentence him to be shot to death.”

President Madison pardoned General Hull, and the Prayer Team intended this vignette to serve as an example of mercy.  I appreciate the message and the theme, but there is something about this situation that will not allow me to rest.  We can only have mercy when a proper judgment for wrongdoing is rendered.  Our country is being invaded by illegal immigrants, and the president refuses to enforce the laws regarding them.  It is an open secret that many of the illegals he continues to welcome into the country and refuse to prosecute or deport are hardened gang criminals and members of the drug cartels.  American citizens are at risk, while he refuses to protect us.  Taking this outrage one step further is the Attorney General, Eric Holder, who, in violation of federal law, is planning to provide legal defense to illegals.  Not unlike William Hull, president Barack Hussein Obama is surrendering Fort United States of America without a fight!  Where is the court with the integrity and fortitude to render judgment?  May God protect our country from enemies from without and within. ~Yolanda



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