Is Obama’s illegal children’s crusade in Arizona retribution? –


Photo of immigration overflow in Nogales, AZ

Illegal Immigration Overflow in Nogales, AZ

Is Obama’s illegal children’s crusade in Arizona retribution? –

ARIZONA (KQTH) – Arizona is a freedom loving, red state.  We love our guns, our military, our beautiful desert land, and our nation’s Constitution.

All the things we Arizonans hold dear, the Obama administration seems to regard with contempt.  Upon reflection, the administration’s actions affecting Arizona seem to go further than mere contempt; they are better described as malicious retribution.

In a state where gun ownership is protected and even encouraged, we have the crime scene of Obama and Holder’s Fast and Furious illegal gun running scandal, which resulted in the brutal murder of one of Arizona’s own Border Patrol heroes.  In a state that hosts multiple military bases that contribute to the safety and efficiency of our Armed Service members, the administration supports mothballing the A-10; the most effective close air support military plane ever flown.  In this western state that is comprised of beautiful desert land, the administration polices its use with the BLM, and refuses to give management of those lands over to the state.  In Arizona, where we love religious freedom provided by the Constitution, the administration encouraged a fascist power play that portrayed us as bigots when we tried to reiterate the religious freedom act through our state legislative process.  And now, in the very state where we passed SB 1070, which was at the time, the broadest and strictest anti illegal immigration bill in modern history, president Obama has directed that the surge of illegal, unaccompanied minor immigrants be callously and unceremoniously dumped at our border—the border that we have repeatedly asked to be reinforced and secured.

Although that list is not comprehensive, when observed altogether, doesn’t it look like the administration has it in for Arizona? If you are not yet convinced, let’s drill down into the details of the Obama Children’s Crusade. When these illegal minors showed up in Texas, FEMA was on the scene immediately.  Contractors, including at least one from Tucson, were putting in bids to provide emergency services for the kids. FEMA wouldn’t allow any contractors outside Texas to be involved with the bid.  They kept the services local.  In the Nogales teen camp detention facility, they are feeding and housing over 1,000 illegals, and expecting to reach 1,500 at that facility alone.  According to the price list for the government supplier that was awarded the contract, the feeding of these children is expected to cost over $42,000 a day.  This doesn’t include showers, bathroom facilities, and support staff.  A contractor who is able to provide the emergency services for this camp could receive and infuse a great deal of capital into the local economy.

Knowing that some local folks will be employed in the process of responding to this crisis is some little comfort. The unfortunate problem is that in Arizona, the local companies were completely shut out of the bid.  Not only is the administration directing that the state of Arizona receive the influx of illegal minors that we cannot turn away, but they have demanded that our economy absorb the blow of caring for these children long-term without the courtesy of granting a local company the contract.  We know that there are several companies right here in Tucson that are government contractors adept at providing emergency services.  They have been employed at the scene of hurricane Katrina, the space shuttle Columbia explosion and other natural disasters, and are local, within 30 miles of the Nogales camp.  Why would the administration not utilize local businesses to quickly accommodate these children’s needs like they did in Texas?  The contractor that the government has chosen is Deployed Resources out of Rome, NY. Now the government will pay the extra expense of shipping all that is needed to be a self contained emergency food provider.  Arizonans’ federal tax dollars will be spent paying for the importation of an outside company to do this job while being stuck with the bill for caring for these children long term.  It is a slap in the face.

But this is a humanitarian crisis; you can’t plan for this, right?  According to the June 2-6, 2014 State Director Update of NEMA, The National Emergency Management Association, this trend has been tracked for quite a while.

“As many of you know a serious influx of unaccompanied minors have entered the United States illegally in the last few months. Since October 1st, 47,017 children traveling without parents or a legal guardian have been caught at the southwestern border. This represents a ninety-two percent increase over the same period in the previous year. In 2011, the total for the fiscal year was about 6,560 unaccompanied minors caught at the border. With the influx of minors the President’s Administration has asked FEMA to deal with the situation. The administration announced Monday a more than one billion dollar increase to the fiscal 2015 budget request to try to handle a tidal wave of unaccompanied minors entering the United States from Mexico, driven here mostly by drug violence.”

How good of the administration to have found that billion dollars so quickly in anticipation of this influx!  How horrible that the president refuses to step up and announce to the countries sending their children here that they must stop.  Rather than securing the border, he is paying our Border Patrol officers to provide childcare to children that have been raped, pillaged, used and hardened by drug and human traffickers. This is a Children’s Crusade redux of sorts. Soon, if the administration has their way, these young people will be Americans.  What could go wrong?

One can only imagine the malicious grin as the president essentially wagged his finger right back in Governor Jan Brewers face, reminiscent of the iconic photo of her telling him that we didn’t want Obamacare here in Arizona.  Revenge is a dish best served cold.  Hopefully, some politicians will find a backbone and speak out because elections have consequences, and voters don’t like the bilious taste of revenge.

Yolanda Weinberger is a Christ follower, wife, former homeschooling mom, small business owner, and conservative thinker, writer and speaker. She is a frequent guest of The James T. Harris Show, afternoons 3:00 – 6:00 on 104.1 KQTH.​


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