Gay Lobby: “Recruiting children? You bet we are,”

Gay Lobby:  “Recruiting children? You bet we are,”

How would you feel if your child came home and reassigned your gender role as mom or dad?  What if they had the honest inability tell you if the new friend they’ve been hanging out with was a male or female? This is a condition that many schools actively strive for by using and promoting gender neutral language in the classroom environment.  What if the school your child attended changed their entire gender policy because of one child, but never told you?  One parent experienced the scenario I just described. They never dreamed they would have to get as involved as they did in their child’s Head Start/Early Head Start preschool!  The very program our president praised and pledged to support in two State of the Union Addresses uses our tax dollars to drive a social agenda. In his 2013 State of the Union Address, and again in January of 2014 the president told the nation that he would like to see more Head Start initiatives.  This past January, President Barack Obama announced that he will put together a coalition of elected officials, business leaders and philanthropists to “help more kids access the high-quality pre-K they need.” In a 2013 NHSA press release, the executive director of Head Start/Early Head Start, Yasmina Vinci, had this to say:

“Those of us who have dedicated our lives to providing early learning services to at-risk children agree wholeheartedly with the President’s view that all children can benefit from access to early education. For nearly fifty years, Head Start/Early Head Start has served as a proven model for delivering quality early education. The comprehensive Head Start model – combining essential social/emotional development with critical early learning skills and engaging families and communities in their children’s education – gets results. As the plan for expanding access to early education develops, it is essential we get it right, especially in times of tight budgets. It would be a disservice to all children if we assume that interventions for young children are one-size fits all.  With greater investment in the right interventions, we can prepare all children to succeed in school and life.” (emphasis added).

Now this isn’t just some abstract policy rant. That parent I referred to earlier is right here in Tucson! Keeping the Head Start model objective in mind, consider the following interview I had with that parent (who shall remain name and genderless in keeping with the preschool policy):

How were you involved with Easter Seals/Blake Foundation’s Head Start?

I was an employee at that facility until recently.  As an employee, I was not allowed to talk about the issues I saw because they were protected under Hippa laws.

Where is the facility?

On N Bonita Avenue in Tucson.

How long was your child in the program?

Two years.

When were you made aware of the trans-child?

I noticed a change when my child came home and told me the little boy we knew was changing his name to *Adrianna.  That was around this past Thanksgiving.  Asking the teachers about it didn’t help; they just said that one of the kids is making that change and it’s important for the staff to support him.

What were the things that concerned you about the issue?

I was concerned with how the school handled the gender change; they didn’t tell the parents anything, then turned around and said that the classroom was ok with it.  The teachers called the kid by this new name and told others they needed to do so as well.  My child wasn’t able to tell [his/her] own gender anymore because of the confusion.

I was mad when I heard the teacher say that classroom, including parents, were ok with it.  They said that the parents weren’t going to the teachers with any issues so they took that as everything was on.  But I did talk to the teachers.  I guess I didn’t count.  I was told the teachers had to start using gender neutral language so the child could choose what gender to be.

How did the school institute gender neutral teaching?

There was a two hour inservice training for the teachers at the school from a transgender counselor explaining about [how the child can get] hormone blockers at the age of seven, and support groups for the [transgender] kids and [their] families.

*Not the real name

The gender neutral training the teachers received encouraged them to minimize assumptions about gender when referring to people.  The preschool switched to this model presumably because “for students who identify as trans or intersex, constant reminders about gender binaries can be stressful and reinforce traditional gender roles and expectations.”

This explanation can be found in an instructive handout from the [1] British Columbia Teacher’s Federation.  

What if this parent had not pursued questions based on what the child reported from the classroom?  This situation lends credibility to the idea that there is an agenda being pursued in our schools that is much more conveniently carried out without parental involvement.

In a May of 2011 post on [2], Kathleen Gilbert quotes gay activist and Queerty (an online blog site for LGBTQ issues) contributor, Daniel Villarreal, in an [2] article (warning:  explicit content) he wrote criticizing the LGBT activists in New York for denying that they want to recruit and indoctrinate children:

“Recruiting children? You bet we are,” he said.“Why would we push anti-bullying programs or social studies classes that teach kids about the historical contributions of famous queers unless we wanted to deliberately educate children to accept queer sexuality as normal?”

In fact, Villarreal said that his dream of increasing not only the acceptance, but the future practice of homosexuality among youngsters was common among those in the gay lobby.

“I and a lot of other people want to indoctrinate, recruit, teach, and expose children to queer sexuality AND THERE’S NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT,” he wrote.

The answer is clear. If we are concerned with the social justice platform being enacted in government schools today, we cannot afford to disengage once our kids walk into their classrooms.  Arizona parents have the option of the tax tuition credit, which makes private school education affordable.  If you want your child’s educators to be accountable for what they teach, please take advantage of it.  You can find a link and general on my website:  We can’t afford to lose a generation to the government school agenda.









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