Chris Christie’s Carcass is Clean. Time to Move Along.

The media are devouring Chris Christie like a pack of coyotes with a fresh kill.  The celebratory howling and snarling is a din so cacophonous that we cannot hear the other warning alarms of danger.    While this is no defense of the New Jersey governor’s organization, I exhort the media pack to move on.  What they are ignoring is devastating.  The jobless and unemployment data, Obamacare and its economic impact, and the lack of accountability and resolution of justice in deadly scandals will prove to be foundational issues as we spend the next three years defending our Constitution and planning our nation’s defense and recovery from the assault from within.

Where are the tough questions and press conferences on the latest jobless data?  The job growth numbers are the worst in three years. How does unemployment drop when roughly one third of Americans are not working?  Where is the media outrage when Senator Jeff Sessions calls for welfare reform, streamlined tax codes and new jobs while Representative Sheila Jackson Lee sings the praise of government welfare programs and suggests renaming welfare to ‘transitional living fund’ because it’s  a “transitional outreach to individuals who are chronically unemployed” ? What does it mean to be chronically in transition? All this because, according to Representative Lee, you have no way of knowing which of those in a photo  she held up of people in a line are “possibly looking for work” or “are near the edge of poverty.”  From Reform to Renaming; there is a headline for that insightful evening news investigation on the trajectory of our great nation.  Any takers MSNBC?  CNN? 

Fur is still flying in Fort Lee, New Jersey while tough questions should be flying about the ramifications of a randomized controlled trial study published in the Science journal that finds that adult Medicaid beneficiaries rely on emergency rooms about 40% more than similar uninsured adults.  These data cut straight to the heart of the Obamacare/Affordable Care Act rationale.  It suggests that Medicaid expansion is not the economic deal that would reduce emergency room crowding and lower the financial healthcare burden of the states.

Where are the interviews of the people like Kate Holly of Oregon who was a self proclaimed “cheerleader” for Obamacare?  She used the online calculator, but to the contrary, found that she and her husband couldn’t afford the care for herself and her 18-month-old son when she actually got an agent on the phone.

Is there no insightful analysis from the big three news outlets of the viability of the ACA when the Supreme Court is sending out signals that there may be constitutional weakness to the ‘law’?  Surely we are hearing a running tally of the number of people signing up for healthcare?  After all this law affects everyone in the nation, so surely the media are keeping close watch on the number of healthy people signing up as it relates to the number of folks with pre-existing conditions?

We should be getting the same rabid coverage of the marathon ‘investigations’ into Benghazi and Fast and Furious as we have gotten for the marathon press conference Governor Christie had on Thursday.  Yet, we’ve heard nothing from government  controlled mainstream media about accountability of the administration in the ongoing efforts to bring the Benghazi murderers to justice; even with the new attacks and murders in that same place.  Similarly, we simply get low-key reports–no media outrage–about the continued surfacing of guns related to the illegal Operation Fast and Furious .  In fact, the ATF’s petulant response can be boiled down to ‘we already said we made a mistake so leave us alone already.’

There has been no sadistic, gleeful mainstream media feeding frenzy over the  irony of the president, fresh from his four million dollar Hawaii vacation, declaring his dislike for income inequality.  This done while Mrs. Obama relaxes at Oprah’s Maui mansion.

If only the majority of television news watching Americans were brought into the conversation about the unconstitutional power grabs of the current administration through executive overreach.   From the president legislating (illegally), to the attorney general (unconstitutionally) mandating local school disciplinary policy, we are a nation in crisis.  The alarm is blaring, but our citizens can’t hear it over the sound of the partisan media pack’s gleeful devouring of Chris Christie.  2016 is two years away.  There’s nothing more to see here, folks.  Move along.


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