Chemo Treatment 2

Chemo Treatment 2

I had round two on Tuesday. This one was a little better than the first one. I learned a few tricks of the trade, so it totally looked like I was going to day camp! I walked in with my backpack, pillow, blanket, purse stocked with crackers and queasy drops, 40 oz water bottle, and an electrical strip to power my fun. Here is what I learned: always have candy or gum in my mouth before the saline push through the port or iv, two computers are better than one, you never know whether you’ll be hot or cold, the cushy recliner chair/beds are your best friends, nurses are hilarious, and God’s gift to the sick, and real friends bring you lunch.

I’m updating you at 3:00am, because one other thing I learned is that the steroids they give in the pre-med drip keep me awake and hungry. Much to my chagrin, chemotherapy is not a good diet plan. If I keep going at this rate I’ll need two of those chairs to sit in! The steroid driven need to eat and the need for several small meals or snacks keep nausea at bay is quite disappointing. I thought I’d at least get a leaner body out of this cancer deal. I gained two pounds already this week! If I write to you about my ‘roid rage from the number on the scale when they weigh me next week, know it wasn’t really me. I mean, what’s left to take off for the scale in a public place after you’ve shaved your head to less than an inch and taken off your shoes? Nothing! Believe me, I tried. When I spotted the look of horror on the nursing assistant’s face when I went to take off my top (she didn’t know I had on another one underneath) I just gave it up. A quarter of a pound isn’t worth being blackballed from the treatment area. So off I trudged with my day camp bags to very completely occupy a big, cushy chair.

I did learn from last week that I feel best in the afternoons. The mornings are what I imagine a sleeping pill hangover is like. Friday of last week was the toughest morning, but after a 15 minute power nap and (of course) lunch, I was feeling pretty normal. Saturday-Tuesday until chemo were great, then the medicine brain returned. At least I’m not in pain. Just a little less energy thus far. Prayer is a beautiful and powerful weapon of warfare, and I have felt yours. I have been able to do most of my normal routine (with the exception of working out with the swim team this morning and coaching afternoon–chemo ran a little long). I’m still working and thankful to be able to help others feel better in the midst of all of this. God is good. My desire and prayer focus this week is to have more intimacy with God. I want to long after him as the deer pants for the water. I want to drink deeply of the water of the Word in the valley, even though I’m not completely miserable. I want my hope to fuse me closer to him, and I want to hear clearly what he wants me to focus on over the next few months. Thank you for joining me and praying as God leads. Peace in the valley.

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  1. Hi Yolanda,
    Funny, I’ve been up really early this morning too and was glad to get your email. I am praying for you and your battle every day.I had wondered when I didn’t hear you on the radio and see you on the Worship Team. Your countenance always brings me such joy when I see you up there. I was so excited because Manny was finally going to sing with you and you weren’t there that day. What helps me going through some of these tough times is my Bible Promise Book. I’m sure you have one and are probably already using it. You are in our prayers every morning. Hang in there. Hugs, ~Sylvia

  2. Hi Yolanda,
    Others will be blessed by reading your posts (or book-you really should write one-you are a great wordsmith). Praying for you and hoping for some real good time with the Lord this week. Hugs from Crazy California

  3. You are such an inspiration. Your message helped me to keep it moving forward this morning. I will continue to pray for you and your family. Love Auntie Ollie

  4. Nurses are hilarious especially when they have fabulous entertaining visitors like you. Day camp, a beatiful postive outlook, the best way to be. Thank you for sharing your journey.

  5. What can I say but I pray for you continually, love your glorious sense of humor, am right here if you need anything and I love you my friend!

  6. You are an inspiration. Praying for you. Never lose your sense of humor. It helps during difficult and dark times. Christ are rock and refuge.

  7. Checking in from our Santa Barbara retreat to send you blessings. Do you know about the Bible Study; “Experiencing God”? by Henry & Richard Blackaby, Claude King It is a 13 session Bible Study. There is also a series of DVD’s, which our group bought for the study. I am just doing it while I am not with the group. It is profound. Also reading “Name Above All Names”. Both may be helpful on your journey to knowing God more fully. You are in my prayers.

  8. Oh, you’re making me laugh reading your posts! You’re such a great day camper. I’m confident the nurses love your joyous attitude and love of the Lord. Great Picture! It reminds me of Jared.
    Praying for you at seemingly the oddest of times, but perhaps that when you need a little! Love you friend!

  9. Know that you are very special to me. I pray for you daily and I know that the Lord our God is in the mist of all that you are going through. I have claimed victory for you in his name. We thank God that he has not left us defenseless. Rather, he has called us to the battle-ground of Prayer and has fully equipped us for the task. God will enable you to endure and give you strength to overcome. I love you and know the strength that lies within you. Be blessed and keep on fighting. Uncle Bob

  10. A sense of humor is crucial as you go thru this….. God has one too! I lost all body hair except on my big toes! Eww just a couple of sparse ones. I used to say I had a date with mr. Chemo and would dress like for a lunch date. My treatments were just 3 hrs. So glad when we split up, that mr chemo and I . Keep up your wonderful humor. Hubby and Family very fortunate!

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