A Second Opinion is Just Like Waxing…Sort Of.

A Second Opinion is Just Like Waxing…Sort Of.

I am going to get a second opinion on my medical situation, but I feel a little guilty about it. I actually really like my doctor, and now that I’ve been introduced to the patient advocate, this office rocks! They are responsive and kind. But that whole second opinion thing reminds me of seeing another hairdresser. I feel like I’m cheating. I just need to look at it like finding a bikini wax specialist. I mean, really, if you pay to get waxed, you expect to be as smooth as a baby’s butt when the process is over, right? Well, I have no problem finding a new torturer if the old one misses the mark. I am pretty cutthroat about it, too.  I’ll tell the new person that the old person did not meet my expectations, and since I’m paying for what can be considered medieval torture, I want the most thorough torture possible. If torturer number two gets that gleam in her eye that says she will wax me within an inch of my life or within millimeters of my epidermis, I know I’ve got my girl. If I see the old torturer who did not meet expectations, I don’t feel bad. I smile and move on knowing that this new dominatrix is competitive enough to get the job done.

Now a potentially life threatening diagnosis is so much more important than waxing. Fortunately, I expressed my hesitancy to a friend of a friend who happens to be a renowned clinical pathologist. He very quickly and kindly told me that the doctor’s feelings don’t matter; that I am the one in charge of my healthcare, and I’d better act accordingly. He’s right. So off I go to do the assertive, responsible thing. I’ll let you know how it goes in the medical updates found on the Diagnosis Update blog.


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  1. My family and I are praying for you and your family. I think your spiritual gift is communication. You research and then make your determination and then share. We send a hug to all of you.

  2. As a physician, I can tell you: by all means, get that 2nd opinion. If your first physician doesn’t like it, then that’s his/her problem, not yours. You have every right and need to get that 2nd opinion and no reason at all to feel guilty about it. Not every doctor can know everything out there. You can always return to the 1st one if the 2nd opinion matches and all that stuff. What matters most is who YOU like, who YOU trust, and who YOU can have a relationship with medically speaking and gathering all the medical facts and choices is important.
    As physicians, we know we don’t own the person/patient and while occasionally I’d get bothered by someone seeking a 2nd opinion, MOSTLY it’s a matter of: “that’s fine, you have every right to do so and you need to do what will make you feel best about your medical decisions.”
    So get it done!

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