Charges Against King Obama, His Democrat Parliament and Main Stream Media

October 19, 2013 0

The other day, Mr. Obama gave a speech that tended toward lecture to the American people. In it, he declared whom we should not listen to. He laid out a list of the mandates he felt the American people gave him when we voted him into office; mandates like educating our children, and rebuilding the middle class–neither of which has he the authority to accomplish. It was decided long ago by men infinitely smarter than myself, that there are certain actions and activities pursued by the leader of free people that should and could not be born. In light of the imperial attitude of our President/King, and since it appears that Mr. Obama has not recently read the Constitution, I have taken it upon myself to highlight some grievances that the signers of that document had against their imperial ruler. If you listen closely as you read, you can hear the echoes of the drumbeat of history in the outcries of today.

In Exchange for Liberty

October 9, 2013 0

  Federal Tarp Watch: The roll out of President Alinsky-Obama’s Natural Landscape Coverage plan is in jeopardy.  After promises that the tarp coverage for Mt. […]


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