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Is President Obama Surrendering the Fort Without a Fight? Some thoughts on treason.

Unaccompanied minor illegals. The Border Patrol is not allowed to deny them entry into the United States.

The Presidential Prayer Team writing staff  printed the following:

William Hull is the only American general ever sentenced to death. Hull surrendered Fort Detroit during the War of 1812 without a fight and was charged with treason, cowardice, and neglect of duty. One can only imagine General Hull’s reaction as he read the judgment: “The Court, in consequence of their determination respecting the second and third charges, and specification under those charges, exhibited against the said Brig. General Wm. Hull, and after due consideration, do sentence him to be shot to death.”

President Madison pardoned General Hull, and the Prayer Team intended this vignette to serve as an example of mercy.  I appreciate the message and the theme, but there is something about this situation that will not allow me to rest.  We can only have mercy when a proper judgment for wrongdoing is rendered.  Our country is being invaded by illegal immigrants, and the president refuses to enforce the laws regarding them.  It is an open secret that many of the illegals he continues to welcome into the country and refuse to prosecute or deport are hardened gang criminals and members of the drug cartels.  American citizens are at risk, while he refuses to protect us.  Taking this outrage one step further is the Attorney General, Eric Holder, who, in violation of federal law, is planning to provide legal defense to illegals.  Not unlike William Hull, president Barack Hussein Obama is surrendering Fort United States of America without a fight!  Where is the court with the integrity and fortitude to render judgment?  May God protect our country from enemies from without and within. ~Yolanda


Is Obama’s Illegal Children’s Crusade in Arizona Retribution?

Photo of immigration overflow in Nogales, AZ

Illegal Immigration Overflow in Nogales, AZ

Is Obama’s illegal children’s crusade in Arizona retribution? –

ARIZONA (KQTH) – Arizona is a freedom loving, red state.  We love our guns, our military, our beautiful desert land, and our nation’s Constitution.

All the things we Arizonans hold dear, the Obama administration seems to regard with contempt.  Upon reflection, the administration’s actions affecting Arizona seem to go further than mere contempt; they are better described as malicious retribution.

In a state where gun ownership is protected and even encouraged, we have the crime scene of Obama and Holder’s Fast and Furious illegal gun running scandal, which resulted in the brutal murder of one of Arizona’s own Border Patrol heroes.  In a state that hosts multiple military bases that contribute to the safety and efficiency of our Armed Service members, the administration supports mothballing the A-10; the most effective close air support military plane ever flown.  In this western state that is comprised of beautiful desert land, the administration polices its use with the BLM, and refuses to give management of those lands over to the state.  In Arizona, where we love religious freedom provided by the Constitution, the administration encouraged a fascist power play that portrayed us as bigots when we tried to reiterate the religious freedom act through our state legislative process.  And now, in the very state where we passed SB 1070, which was at the time, the broadest and strictest anti illegal immigration bill in modern history, president Obama has directed that the surge of illegal, unaccompanied minor immigrants be callously and unceremoniously dumped at our border—the border that we have repeatedly asked to be reinforced and secured.

Although that list is not comprehensive, when observed altogether, doesn’t it look like the administration has it in for Arizona? If you are not yet convinced, let’s drill down into the details of the Obama Children’s Crusade. When these illegal minors showed up in Texas, FEMA was on the scene immediately.  Contractors, including at least one from Tucson, were putting in bids to provide emergency services for the kids. FEMA wouldn’t allow any contractors outside Texas to be involved with the bid.  They kept the services local.  In the Nogales teen camp detention facility, they are feeding and housing over 1,000 illegals, and expecting to reach 1,500 at that facility alone.  According to the price list for the government supplier that was awarded the contract, the feeding of these children is expected to cost over $42,000 a day.  This doesn’t include showers, bathroom facilities, and support staff.  A contractor who is able to provide the emergency services for this camp could receive and infuse a great deal of capital into the local economy.

Knowing that some local folks will be employed in the process of responding to this crisis is some little comfort. The unfortunate problem is that in Arizona, the local companies were completely shut out of the bid.  Not only is the administration directing that the state of Arizona receive the influx of illegal minors that we cannot turn away, but they have demanded that our economy absorb the blow of caring for these children long-term without the courtesy of granting a local company the contract.  We know that there are several companies right here in Tucson that are government contractors adept at providing emergency services.  They have been employed at the scene of hurricane Katrina, the space shuttle Columbia explosion and other natural disasters, and are local, within 30 miles of the Nogales camp.  Why would the administration not utilize local businesses to quickly accommodate these children’s needs like they did in Texas?  The contractor that the government has chosen is Deployed Resources out of Rome, NY. Now the government will pay the extra expense of shipping all that is needed to be a self contained emergency food provider.  Arizonans’ federal tax dollars will be spent paying for the importation of an outside company to do this job while being stuck with the bill for caring for these children long term.  It is a slap in the face.

But this is a humanitarian crisis; you can’t plan for this, right?  According to the June 2-6, 2014 State Director Update of NEMA, The National Emergency Management Association, this trend has been tracked for quite a while.

“As many of you know a serious influx of unaccompanied minors have entered the United States illegally in the last few months. Since October 1st, 47,017 children traveling without parents or a legal guardian have been caught at the southwestern border. This represents a ninety-two percent increase over the same period in the previous year. In 2011, the total for the fiscal year was about 6,560 unaccompanied minors caught at the border. With the influx of minors the President’s Administration has asked FEMA to deal with the situation. The administration announced Monday a more than one billion dollar increase to the fiscal 2015 budget request to try to handle a tidal wave of unaccompanied minors entering the United States from Mexico, driven here mostly by drug violence.”

How good of the administration to have found that billion dollars so quickly in anticipation of this influx!  How horrible that the president refuses to step up and announce to the countries sending their children here that they must stop.  Rather than securing the border, he is paying our Border Patrol officers to provide childcare to children that have been raped, pillaged, used and hardened by drug and human traffickers. This is a Children’s Crusade redux of sorts. Soon, if the administration has their way, these young people will be Americans.  What could go wrong?

One can only imagine the malicious grin as the president essentially wagged his finger right back in Governor Jan Brewers face, reminiscent of the iconic photo of her telling him that we didn’t want Obamacare here in Arizona.  Revenge is a dish best served cold.  Hopefully, some politicians will find a backbone and speak out because elections have consequences, and voters don’t like the bilious taste of revenge.

Yolanda Weinberger is a Christ follower, wife, former homeschooling mom, small business owner, and conservative thinker, writer and speaker. She is a frequent guest of The James T. Harris Show, afternoons 3:00 – 6:00 on 104.1 KQTH.​

It’s Only Racism If They Want Your Stuff

Yolanda Weinberger and James T. Harriswritten by: Yolanda Weinberger and James T. HarrisDonald Sterling. Owner (?) of the LA Clippers

It’s a tale of two owners.

Cliven Bundy, a family man and wealthy rancher, has something the leftist progressive government wants: his property. So, the government makes a grab for it in order to put him in his place in regards to grazing cattle on federal land. Americans push back. How do the in-the-pocket media respond? By setting up an interview, chopping up the unsophisticated rancher’s responses, and portraying him as a racist; claims that have been refuted by his own black bodyguard.

Donald Sterling, adulterer and wealthy NBA team owner has been known to the NAACP as a racist since at least 2009. Through the years they kept taking his grant money anyway. His paramour records one of his many allegedly racist rants and releases it to TMZ (the last investigative journalism outlet left in America). How do the in-the-pocket media respond? By amplifying the grievance crowd’s meme until the NBA fined Sterling and banned him for life.  Earvin Magic Johnson was one of the first to declare that Sterling should be stripped of the Clippers. And guess what? Now Earvin Johnson is in line to take control of Sterling’s team.

It’s a tale of two progressive responses.

Progressives and the Social Justice Brothas are ok with racism if the racists are paying them off. Bundy’s problem is that he refused to pay. ‘Justice’ was swift and harsh in that case. He was quickly bullied and labeled. Sterling’s case is altogether different. As long as he contributed to the cause, all was well.

The ruling progressive Democrats have a long history of excusing and being excused for saying wretched, racist things as long as they support the NAACP and its causes. Observe: Joe Biden’s 2007 quote about Barack Obama, “I mean, you got the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy, I mean, that’s a storybook, man.” And Harry Reid, who in 2008 said that Obama was a “light skinned” African-American “with no Negro dialect, unless he wanted to have one.”

No roundup of Democrat racism would be complete without Bill Clinton’s 2010 approbation of Senator Robert Byrd’s affiliation with the KKK. “They mention that he once had a fleeting association with the Ku Klux Klan, and what does that mean? I’ll tell you what it means,” said Bill Clinton. “He was a country boy from the hills and hollows of West Virginia. He was trying to get elected.” This is from a white Arkansas boy who was hailed as the “first black president.”

All the previous statements were glossed over and forgiven. But not so for Donald Sterling. Sterling has to pay, and the results will be magic. Magic Johnson is no stranger to the liberal race manipulation game. He was a supporter of all the racism hall-of-famers mentioned above. He knew about Sterling’s racism as much as anyone did. Not only is he close friends with one of the alleged victims of Sterling’s bigotry, fellow Laker great Elgin Baylor, but pictures he took with Sterling’s erstwhile mistress were a central theme of the leaked tape.

What’s the difference between Donald Sterling and all the other racists who were forgiven? Sterling’s problem was that he was too widely exposed in a profession that would reach too many of the affected group; black Americans. When the American public becomes aware of the hypocrisy of racism entrepreneurs, liberals turn on them because they smell an even bigger payout in the support of the outraged public. Now, the Grievance Squad, headed up by the League of Justice Brothas (Sharpton and Jackson) have been outmaneuvered, and Magic Johnson has succeeded in stripping Sterling’s team from him much in the same way the BLM took Bundy’s cattle. Hey! He owns those Negroes fair and square!

Will the players be treated the same way as Bundy’s property? Who cares? Like the BLM environmentalists, the NAACP has been bought. Whether it is government entitlement subsidies or a bigoted wealthy NBA team owner, the race hustling preachers without pulpits are in line for a shakedown. The twist is, in his quest to become the Clippers’ new owner, Magic Johnson beat them all to the punch! What has been exposed here is that it’s only racism when liberals want your stuff: they will tolerate and even celebrate a racist as long as they’re getting paid.


Read more:


Gay Lobby:  “Recruiting children? You bet we are,”

How would you feel if your child came home and reassigned your gender role as mom or dad?  What if they had the honest inability tell you if the new friend they’ve been hanging out with was a male or female? This is a condition that many schools actively strive for by using and promoting gender neutral language in the classroom environment.  What if the school your child attended changed their entire gender policy because of one child, but never told you?  One parent experienced the scenario I just described. They never dreamed they would have to get as involved as they did in their child’s Head Start/Early Head Start preschool!  The very program our president praised and pledged to support in two State of the Union Addresses uses our tax dollars to drive a social agenda. Continue reading 


According to,[1] for at least three decades, a Michigan teachers’ union has violated the Federal Civil Rights Act by declaring that “special consideration” would be given to applicants that were “minority” and “those of the non-Christian faith.” In a statement sent to the news outlet, Ferndale school officials said, “We don’t know why and how it was first placed into the contract” and, “It has never, to our knowledge been enacted or cost an applicant a job.” This quote comes from a school district whose policy is to review contract policy every three years.  The discriminatory language has since been taken out of the contract, but the mystery is why it was there in the first place. Why would a school district want to make sure to hire non-Christians? Is there some agenda of which we are unaware? Continue reading 

Ally Miller asks for accountability.

In an age of news on demand we are all made aware of things that happen around our nation; we seem to hear more of the bad than good.  Perhaps this is human nature, but snarky, mean-spirited events spread like wildfire through television and social media. One need not employ mental gymnastics to recognize that the current trend is toward demonizing conservatives.  Think of conservative Ted Cruz and the hatred he has received since refusing to bend with the über flexible Republican establishment. It seems, however, that the most hateful language and actions are reserved for women.  Just a few years ago, Playboy printed a blog listing the top 10 conservative women with whom Playboy writer Guy Cimbalo would like to commit an obscene sexually violent act.  That blog was taken down, and an apology was issued. Of course the abuse that Sarah Palin suffered from the media comes to mind.  How about Michelle Malkin or Elisabeth Hasselbeck who have both been called names and ridiculed for their heartfelt conservative beliefs.  Think of Michele Bachman and the hateful song the Roots played when she appeared on Jimmy Fallon. The liberal media has had it’s own war on women conservatives.

This national trend of hatred of conservative women seems to have trickled down to the local level. It has enabled a culture of disdain and vitriol toward Pima County Supervisor Ally Miller, that is creating a dangerous climate of intolerance.  Up until this point the media, for it’s part, has done little in the way of fair and balanced reporting.  In fact, the biased reporting against Miller is taking a disturbing turn.

Ally Miller has been falsely accused of extravagance for spending $108  on lunch for five people at the Ritz Carlton where she had a staff meeting, and had photos taken for her Pima County Supervisor website at no charge.  Although it is illegal for a business to print a patron’s entire credit card number out of respect for safety and privacy, KVOA had no ethical or legal concerns with posting Miller’s credit card information online for the entire world to hack, thereby exposing her to all manner of identity theft.

The Arizona Daily Star printed false and misleading information about Supervisor Miller spending $1500 on a chair (it was a conference table), and has not corrected the story that was printed on the first page of section A of their paper.  The spending report has been unfairly focused on Miller, since there was no mention of the $58,000 dollar TREO trip to San Diego where a Councilman got drunk, or the fact that Pima County paid the $2,000 bill for Chuck Huckelberry.

In further unbalanced reporting, the Tucson Weekly’s Jim Nintzel coordinated a hit piece against Miller with Supervisor Ramon Valadez. Ally Miller has recently pointed out that Valadez has a special $7 million dollar fund to use as he pleased from the $350 million dollar bond election.  Huckelberry confirmed that the city wanted the money so they put it in a special fund for Mr. Valadez.  No other Supervisor had this special treatment. The Nintzel-Valadez piece tried to portray Miller as using road repair money for her own benefit.  They showcased a map of her neighborhood, and fellow Supervisor Valadez disclosed the name of Ally Miller’s street, thereby exposing her family to the threats and intimidation that previously only Miller herself has had to endure.  This is not the way a fellow board member should behave–even towards someone they may disagree with ideologically.

Thanks to the inaccurate reporting and inappropriate disclosures, in the last month Ally Miller has had to have a threatening man removed from her office, her financial information exposed, and now the location of her family home.  It appears as though some Board of Supervisor democrats and those left of this particular conservative woman are creating an atmosphere that could lead to violence; the same atmosphere that they accused right wing conservatives of cultivating leading up to the shooting of Gabby Giffords.   As a result, taxpayers now have to pay for continuous patrols around Miller’s home.  If the threats and unsavory overtures continue, the Miller family could need a full time security detail like Mayor Jonathan Rothschild.

Strangely, there is no outrage in reaction to all this.  In fact, via the Daily Star, Tim Stiller has suggested that although the facts may point to retaliation, Ally Miller needs to learn to go along with the board and play the game.  Regardless of the statistics that show Miller voting with the board majority 90-95% of the time, to suggest that one play a political game  to avoid retaliation for standing up for taxpayers is ridiculous and less than honest.  One thing Pima County residents expect from Ally Miller, the woman who has singlehandedly brought video accountability to the Board of Supervisors is honesty.  Her transparency and commitment to letting the taxpayers know what is happening with their money and their trust is proven weekly during ‘Miller Time’ on the James T. Harris show on 104.1 The Truth.  Transparency, truth and accountability are the things Ally Miller brings to the Pima County Board of Supervisors.  Instead of stepping up to the raised standard of leadership, the Board sinks to new lows in attacking one of  its own.  A house divided cannot stand, and infighting and backstabbing will not strengthen or unify a governing body.  The people of Tucson and Pima County deserve better.  In decrying the treatment Ally Miller has received, the people declare that integrity is the new standard of politics, not ‘playing the game’.  Take note Board of Supervisors.  The people you serve will hold you accountable with their vote.

You can view this  post on James T. Harris’ blog.



So much in common, but so unequally treated by the media.

The media are devouring Chris Christie like a pack of coyotes with a fresh kill.  The celebratory howling and snarling is a din so cacophonous that we cannot hear the other warning alarms of danger.    While this is no defense of the New Jersey governor’s organization, I exhort the media pack to move on.  What they are ignoring is devastating.  The jobless and unemployment data, Obamacare and its economic impact, and the lack of accountability and resolution of justice in deadly scandals will prove to be foundational issues as we spend the next three years defending our Constitution and planning our nation’s defense and recovery from the assault from within.Continue reading 

WonderTwin Thursdays!


I have been very blessed to have a couple of fantastic mentors in radio. Mr. Cream City Radio Man is one of them. Earl Hall is only a million dollars short of a media mogul! He’s a bright, cutting edge visionary who is patient and willing to help others succeed. I thank him for taking a chance on unknown and untested me.

Right now, I’d like to discuss my other mentor, James T. Harris. He’s fun, informative, always Right(!) and consistently willing to help others succeed. We have a regular gig here in Tucson that we call WonderTwin Thursdays on 104.1 The Truth FM; it’s full of fun and we have a rip-roaring, side splitting, good time around issues of the day with a conservative slant. All of that is wonderful, but there is something else to be said about my relationship with this man.

Before you I place the example of a healthy friendship that flies in the face of the left’s accusations and portrayal of people of African descent. Although James lost his black card in Milwaukee, he is my brother in every sense of the word. He leads a loving, Godly family, and is a protector and defender of his values. Knowing him has made me a better person. Listening to him has made me a better thinker.

Entertaining, informative, and fun. Listen to the James T. Harris Show streaming live on from 3-6 pm Mountain Time. Add 1 hour for Central and 2 hours for Eastern.
Especially listen on Thursdays when the show is at its zenith ;-)

WonderTwin Powers…Activate!



Becoming Yolanda (from the Becoming Myself DVD Series) – YouTube.

I love Ransomed Heart.  I mean really love them.  The Truth that they bring in a loving, nonjudgmental way is so much the heart of Jesus.  When Stasi asked me to be a part of this project, the answer was an unqualified YES!  This book can be to every woman what Wild At Heart was for men.  The freedom of knowing that being more like Christ is becoming who I truly am is amazing.  It’s what set me free to write and speak.  This is a little of my story.~Yolanda

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